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Welcome to the Manitou Springs Metropolitan District

The Manitou Springs Metropolitan District was formed as a Title 32 Metropolitan District with the State of Colorado in the fall of 1988.  Its formation was a reaction to the severe shortage of parking at the time in the City of Manitou Springs.  It began with a steering committee that not only wanted to address the parking issues but the traffic congestion that it caused.  The District wholly lies within the boundaries of the City of Manitou Springs.

In Phase II of their mission, the team also wanted to explore ways to enhance the downtown experience for pedestrians and shoppers.  A secondary but equally valuable hope they had was to explore alternatives for park and recreational areas and to find ways to combine these assets with the shopping experience.

The catalyst for the formation of the District was the imminent availability of the old Wichita Motel property from Mr. Charles H. Bridges.  The steering committee had concluded that the property would serve as an ideal location for a downtown parking lot to serve the City’s visitors as well as be an asset to the City’s merchants. 

The organizers further proposed that the district be alert to and aggressively seek opportunities for acquiring more property that might be developed as additional public parking, focusing on the west end of the downtown area. 

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