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Parking Info

The Present

The Metro District owns and operates the Wichita parking lot at 708 Manitou Avenue (just past and behind the Stagecoach Inn) and the Smischny parking lot at 1134 Manitou Avenue on the far west side of town. Both lots are pay or permit parking only. These lots are used by both residents and visitors of Manitou Springs.

Currently visitors can park in either lot owned by the Metro District for $1 per hour or $5 all day.  Parking enforcement hours are 7 AM to 8 PM.  City owned parking and on-street parking rates are different.  Please contact the City of Manitou Springs for those rates. In addition to hourly parking, because of parking challenges for residents in Manitou Springs, year-round parking permits may be purchased as well. In busy seasons the parking lots are attended by ambassadors who are available for information, direction to the nearest open parking and parking lot traffic control and safety.  The revenues collected from the parking lot activity is used directly to maintain and improve the parking lots.  The parking program is currently operated by City of Manitou Springs sub-contractor SP+ Parking Management Services.

The links below include information on all parking lots in the City, not just those owned by the Manitou Metropolitan District.

Parking Permit Rates

Parking Permit Application

Application for Special Circumstances Parking Permit

The Future

The District is currently planning the construction of a multi-level parking structure on the Wichita Parking lot. It is hoped to more than triple the number of parking spaces and provide covered parking to the public for the first time in the City. It is anticipated that the land use application will be submitted to the City for review and approval in mid-July and that construction will begin in the late fall of 2018.  For more information on this project please visit the "PROJECT" page.

The land use application process is a public process, will have public hearings and requires approval of City Council.  Generally speaking, if any application meets all of the criteria of adopted regulation, the project will, or should, be approved baring that the project specifically and tangibly affects the health, welfare and safety of citizens and visitors. 


Prior to hearings, Metro will hold at least one community  meeting and will mail notices of hearing to property owners near and around the proposed development as required by regulation and to engage the citizens of Manitou Springs.  As the project schedule develops and solidifies information will be published here; please check back to this website regularly if you are interested in this information.

Draft: Citizen Participation Plan (PDF)

Through the current IGA with the City of Manitou Springs, SP+manages the parking operations for Metro in the same way it manages them for the City.

2017 SP+ Parking Revenue Chart

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