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Wichita Lot Parking Structure

The Manitou Springs Metropolitan Parking District (METRO) is planning its first downtown parking structure on the site of the current Wichita parking lot it owns on the north side of Manitou Avenue. Metro has been working on the project since 2016 and has hopes to begin construction in the late fall of 2018. The parking lot where the structure will be build is just west of the Stagecoach Inn. Walker Parking Consultants has been engaged for design planning of the structure [see About Walker Consultants below]. 

A new 3-level (grade plus two elevated) parking garage containing approximately 220 stalls is envisioned; the surface lot currently has 83 parking spaces.  A new public restroom will be incorporated into the garage design since the existing restroom building will be demolished.  The vehicle/pedestrian bridge over Fountain Creek will be demolished and reconstructed as part of this project for access to the garage from Manitou Avenue.  Metro has plans to conduct a project-specific traffic study and analysis only after the tourist season is in full swing. The preliminary construction budget is anticipated to be in the $5 million range.

The parking spaces paid parking and will be available to the public, primarily meant to serve visitors of Manitou Springs.  The downtown core parking study capacity estimated that there are roughly 600 spaces; this includes on-street spaces and the three public parking lots. These lots are – Wichita Lot, Canon Lot, and Smischny Lot. Two of these three lots are owned by the Manitou Springs Metropolitan District (Smischny & Wichita). The addition of this parking structure will increase available parking by as an estimated 25%.

Land on the parcel has been set aside for the much-anticipated Creek Walk Trail – allowing the trail to traverse the north portion of the lot. This lets the folks who are just out for a walk to not have to compete for sidewalk space along Manitou Avenue.  A spur trail connecting pedestrian traffic from Manitou Avenue and the Creek Walk Trail is also being contemplated. Metro is hoping to do as much as possible with this lot to meet the purpose of the District.

Metro is looking forward to providing a great asset and some much-needed parking relief to the citizens, visitors and businesses of Manitou Springs! We never again want to hear the excuse that someone DIDN’T visit because parking was such a challenge.


Walker Consultants Preliminary Parking and Traffic Evaluation (12/2017) (PDF)

Walker Consultants PowerPoint Presentations (1/2018) (PDF)

Citizen Engagement/Outreach Plan PowerPoint (5/2018) (PDF)

Preliminary Renderings (PDF)

Wichita Parking Garage Final Traffic Analysis (9/2018) (PDF)


Established in 1965 as a structural engineering firm, Walker Consultants rapidly morphed into a parking design and consulting practice.  By the 1980s, Walker was the leading parking consultant in the United States. In addition to their design expertise, Walker has been a leader in the consulting area as well, being one of the first firms to demonstrate how strategic parking planning can help cities and towns promote economic development and improve the quality of life for residents. Metro feels that this consulting relationship with produce excellent results for the citizens, visitors and businesses of Manitou Springs.

Walker Consultants Website


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